Piano Lessons -

        A Gift for Life!


Below is a summary of some of my most asked-about Studio Policies. This summary is not meant to replace or take precedence over the full Studio Policy Letter which is provided to all students upon Registration. I will be more than happy to help with any additional questions you may have! Just give me a call at 678-446-8738 or email us by clicking on Contact above.


Each student receives a weekly private lesson lasting 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Morning, day and evening time slots are available Monday through Thursday 10:00am-8:00pm. Please call 678-446-8738 for lesson rates and current schedule openings.


Lessons are taught Monday through Thursday through the school year, except for Labor Day, Thanksgiving Week, Winter Holiday and Spring Break weeks (Fulton County Schools schedule).   We have lessons on all teacher workdays and all Monday holidays except Labor Day.  Summer lessons are also offered.  Students taking summer lessons get first choice of schedule requests for the fall.


School-year lessons are billed monthly in advance. A Registration Fee and Book Deposit are required upon registration each fall. Summer lessons are billed at the beginning of the summer for a package of 4 lessons plus any additional number of lessons desired.


There are no refunds for missed lessons, and no makeups for missed lessons except those missed for illness (with advance notice) or if the instructor cancels. Makeups are scheduled on two "Makeup Saturdays" in April.


Performing provides many wonderful benefits to students, including increased poise and confidence, and the pride of accomplishment! The following local festivals and competitions are open to my students through the year:

* Fall Festival – Late October. Noncompetitive event requiring performance for a judge, who provides written comments and a rating certificate. Selected students receive small cash awards. A great “first festival” experience! Open to all ages.  My students may participate after one year of lessons.

Celebrate With Music – Early December. Hundreds of North Fulton area students perform their favorite holiday and other music at Northpoint Mall.  This serves as our “winter recital” and is a lot of fun!

* Local Auditions – March. Competitive event open to 4th - 12th graders, requiring performance before a judge, who provides comments and a rating certificate. Performers rated “Outstanding” go on to compete at the state level in the spring.

Spring Recital – Early - mid May. This is our time to share the year’s accomplishments by performing for family and friends, and to receive well-earned trophies. The Spring Recital is required.

* Because performing in competitive events can be more stressful than rewarding for certain students, my students are not required to perform at these events.   Invitation is at my discretion based on student's temperament and adequate preparation.


To increase performing confidence, I frequently record my students playing on the electronic keyboard in my studio. They enjoy experimenting with instrumental sounds available on the keyboard, which sharpens their ear and creative skills.  I periodically email their recordings to parents to enjoy for years to come.